December 10th – February 27th 2016

Tension a Solo Exhibition by Jan Kaláb

Jan Kalab (Kaláb) -BC Gallery - Berlin - Painting - Sculpture

BC Gallery is pleased to present „TENSION“ a solo exhibition by Czech artist Jan Kaláb, showing his latest canvases and sculpture. The opening reception will be on Thursday, December 10th, from 6 – 10 pm. The exhibition is open to the public for viewing through January 23rd.


Opening Reception

Thursday, 10th December, 6 – 10 pm

Artist is present.
Registration: rsvp@bcgallery.deFacebook-Event



10th December – 27th February


Opening Hours

Wednesday – Saturday, 1 – 6 pm


About the Show

The first level of tension in Jan Kaláb’s works comes from the development of his style. Coming from classic letter graffiti, where the message is portrayed in words and characters, his organic evolution brought Jan to a complete „melting“ of imagery to a more abstract shape and form. Using the circle or sphere as a boarder and a strongly defined color pallet for composition, tension is created by what is inside and outside the circle. There is always a main color that makes up most of the space that all other colors have to abide to. Tension defined through colors and form. Choosing to show eight round canvases and one spherical sculpture creates tension between the dimensions. As earth is a sphere itself, holding a lot of tension from the beginning of evolution, the shape of the works and the title of the show go naturally hand in hand to display the tension surrounding us in our everyday world.


About the Artist

Czech artist Jan Kaláb, who was born in 1978 and therefore grew up under a regime in which the performance of graffiti was totally unimaginable, was one of the pioneers who started bringing urban art into Eastern European countries after the borders opened upin the early 90‘s. Starting off as a founder of the DSK crew he made a name for himself throughout Europe as ‚Cakes‘. Later on, he decided to broaden his horizon and move to New York where he changed his name to ‚Point‘ and started creating huge sculpted abstract letters which he chose to put up in the streets and on walls. He thereby created another form of graffiti without a spray can, but truthful to the spirit of competition and innovation of the urban scene. These letter sculptures led him to the path of total abstraction which he also adapted in his paintings and keeps on elaborating since 2007. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts of Prague he continuously developed his style and has since then become more and more geometric. He uses colorful squares and circles as his vocabulary for infinite variations around depth, time, and motion. Having gained recognition over the past years, Kaláb is on his way to a promising career as an abstract artist.