January 15th – February 28th 2015

„Fleeting Seasons“
a solo show by Andrea Wan


BC Gallery is very excited to start the new year with „FLEETING SEASONS“,
a solo show by Andrea Wan.


Opening Reception

Thursday, January 15th, 6pm

Artist is present.
Registration: rsvp@bcgallery.de


January 15th – February 28th

Opening Hours:

Wednesday – Saturday, 1 to 6 pm


About the Show

 Andrea Wan

With her upcoming show “FLEETING SEASONS” Berlin based artist Andrea Wan dedicates her artwork to one of the oldest topics in fine arts: transience and the eternal circle of life and death. Taking inspiration by the old idea of ‘Vanitas’, which can be found in many different cultures, known in Europe mainly from baroque still-life paintings, Wan’s art depicts growth, transformation and decay in nature and the human body. In her surreal but still very graphic style, which is mostly achieved through mixing black and white and color drawings with ink and gouache, she combines figures, plants and otherworldly landscapes against the white void. The tension which therefore fill the works intrigue the viewers mind and leaves it with fascination as much as that the topic itself troubles the artist’s mind who considers the unpredictable nature of growth, impermanent beauty and decay fascinating and yet terrifying.


About the Artist

Despite her young age Berlin based artist Andrea Wan has already lived a very cosmopolitan life. Born in Hong Kong in 1985, she moved to Vancouver at the age of 10 where she grew up into a completely different culture. Upon graduating in film studies she decided to go to Europe to study half a year longer in design and illustration in Denmark. During this time she also started experimenting a lot which made her grow as an artist and let her develop her distinguished, surreal style. In 2012 Wan decided to make Berlin her home base from where she still keeps on travelling a lot. The content of her art also correlates with the idea of a perpetual change and that even identity is not necessarily a permanent thing.