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About Da Mental Vaporz

The France based artist collective, DMV “Da Mental Vaporz” consists of ten members: Bom.k, Blo, Brusk, Iso, Dran, Kan, Lek, Gris1, Jaw and Sowat. The works of these artists can speak for themselves independently, differentiating from each other mostly in medium as in style and technique that which as soon as they are shown in a common context, creates an extraordinarily interesting and thrilling relationship. As can be deduced from the name “Da Mental Vaporz”, which, translated, means “The Vapors of the Psyche” it is for the artists a matter of concern to make the observer aware of the abyss of the personal psyche. This is translated by each individual member of the collective in their own way and leads to a multifaceted wealth of style, which, collectively, puts its mark on the important tides of the art of the 20th century. During a visit to a DMV show or by observing the walls created by them in an urban setting, everything is offered to the beholder, from old school Graffiti to Pop Art and all the way to Surrealism, abstract Expressionism, Cubism and pore Abstraction. As different as these styles seem, the artists are, nevertheless, able, in their commonly created works, to bring together a harmonious symbiosis, which, although marked by tension, remains balanced. Their preferred media are spray cans, acrylic, mixed media. The artists also attempt to bring to life installations that are created in the urban environment (where they create most of their art) into a gallery framework.

Photos and Video of “The Wall” group show by Da Mental Vaporz.


Artworks by Da Mental Vaporz


Acte 2 Escene 2

Da Mental Vaporz DMV crew Canvas Blo Bom.k Brusk Kan Gris1 Lek Sowat

Arists: Blo, Bom.K, Brusk, Gris1, Lek, Kan and Sowat
Medium: Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas
Size: 180 cm x 180 cm
Year: 2014
Price: POA