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It has been almost seven years since BC Gallery opened its doors in 2013 and has long since established itself as a reliable platform for contemporary art. Through constant development and stable market positioning we are now able to expand the business with a second venue in Basel, Switzerland. A freshly renovated space in the heart of one of the art capitals of the world will give both the gallery and its representing artists the opportunity to connect with a broader audience and further evolve in the global art market.

Basel will become the new headquarters for BC Gallery, featuring solo and group exhibitions of the artists we have successfully been working with over the past years along with some new ones. Additionally, the space offers a secondary showroom allowing clients to comfortably view art works and discuss current market situations with both the gallery and other clients alike. The Berlin venue will continue to perform as a platform for the emerging arts allowing us to further pursue our efforts in scouting, supporting and developing young artists as well as a project space for other creative endeavours to widen the gallery’s scope of artworks presented.

The opening is scheduled for April 24, 2020 and will officially be confirmed with the announcement of the inaugural group exhibition in a few weeks time. In Berlin we will display a selection of the gallery’s private collection which will be viewable by appointment only until the Basel venue is up and running. BCG Berlin has three exhibitions scheduled for the remaining year. BCG Basel has solo exhibitions scheduled through 2021.

We look forward to seeing you in Basel and Berlin!

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