About Brusk

Brusk‘s first encounter with the French graffiti and Hip Hop scene dates back to the year 1991. After graduating from St. Etienne‘s School of Fine Arts, he started working with unconventional, atypical media as photo, video and computer and developing new techniques which also lead him to exhibit his work in unusual places. His style developed over the years and combines calligraphic work, 3D characters and stagings. The balance of his compositions is based on a subtle interplay of space management, voids and accumulations, materials and overlays plans.

Photos and Video of “The Wall” goup show by Da Mental Vaporz.


Artworks by Brusk


Sous les pavés la plage

Brusk Da Mental Vaporz

Medium: Acrylics and Spraypaint on Canvas
Size: 130 x 97 cm
Year: 2014
Price: sold