A solo exhibition by

Jan Kaláb



Opening Reception

Friday, 9th of October, 17h – 21h


9th of October – 21st of November 2020

Opening Hours

Currently by appointment only


BC Gallery
Spalenring 142, 4055 Basel



About the Show

Showing his second solo exhibition with the gallery and the first at the new BCG Basel venue, Jan Kaláb presents us with an amazing new body of work. By reducing the usual borders to each color as we have come to know in his past works and transforming most of them in to a gradient palette, Jan has managed to soften the tension between the colours and create a feeling of tranquillity and calm that is almost meditative yet still precisely defined. Taking it even further Jan has developed new three dimensional wooden stretcher frames (an artwork in its own right) which, in combination with the gradient style have the effect of a shape shifting form when walking around the artworks. Adding to that the rather unorthodox use of canvas in certain works, the uncommon hanging positions of others and the interchangeable, twistable possibilities in yet another, Jan Kaláb subdues the viewer in a range of emotions that are stripped down to the basic reaction to color, shape and motion.


About the Artist

Czech artist Jan Kaláb, who was born in 1978 in Prague and therefore grew up under a regime in which the per- formance of graffti was totally unimaginable, was one of the pioneers who started bringing urban art into Eastern European countries after the borders opened upin the early 90‘s. Starting out  as a founder of the DSK crew he made a name for himself throughout Europe as ‚Cakes‘. Later on, he decided to broaden his horizon and move to New York where he changed his name to ‚Point‘ and started creating huge sculpted abstract letters which he chose to put up in the streets and on walls. He thereby created another form of graffti without a spray can, but truthful to the spirit of competition and innovation of the urban scene. These letter sculptures led him to the path of total abstraction which he also adapted in his paintings and keeps on elaborating since 2007. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts of Prague he continuously developed his style. His color palette and geometric forms have become his vocabulary for infinite variations around depth, time, and motion.


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