September 26th – November 1st 2014:

a group show presenting nine international artists

Clemens Behr - Ahmed Abdellatif - Severin Gruner


After summer break BC Gallery continues the exhibition season with a group show presenting nine international artists. The show titled ‚ABSTRACT‘ opens it’s doors on September 26th and is on display until November 1st.

About the show

Leaving a clear optical message to the viewer, picking up the early avantgarde thoughts of the deconstruction of shapes and geometry, filtering colors until they appear in their purest form the artist’s works do not only reflect but also advance several 20th century art movements from early constructivism to pop-art related styles.  It is the ‚innocence of the eye‘, a term used by Ernst Gombrich to describe that whenever we look at a figurative painting our view is dependent on prior knowledge and therefore not ‚innocent‘. This is not the case when we look at non-figurative artworks that come in shapes we cannot relate to. Working with various different materials the artists also create tension trough out all dimensions. From balancing and energizing the canvas with the anti-colors black and white, over experimenting with pure colors and shapes, to leaving the canvas completely – and entering the 3rd dimension by creating abstract installations, the artists present a wide range of what is possible in non-figurative art.



Friday, September 26th, 6pm



September 26th – November 1st


Opening hours

Wednesday – Saturday, 1 to 6 pm


About the Artists


ahmed abdellatif-severin gruner-sneak-peek

Detail: Collaboration Ahmed Abdellatif and Severin Gruner

Dortmund based artist Ahmed Abdellatif, born 1985 in Irbid, Jordan, has found his way into fine arts through the graffiti scene around 2008. His style which he describes as “informal art” is strongly influenced by the aesthetics of crossed or destroyed graffiti tags in the urban sphere. This inspires him through it’s arbitrariness and spontaneity. To create his art, which is limited to the range of the non-colors black, white and grey he uses different techniques which require spray cans, markers and/or scraper.



Clemens Behr sneak-peek

Detail: Clemens Behr

German artist Clemens Behr, born 1985 in Koblenz, Germany, has been part of numerous group shows and several solo exhibitions since 2006. Up until 2012 his art has mainly been shown in Germany, Spain and Italy but has recently also made it across the big pond to the US and all the way to Australia. His work mainly consists of abstract, collage-like sculptures made of everyday commodities such as plywood, carton paper, garbage bins, old doors and windows. He either paints or leaves his materials raw and untreated and puts everything together to an overwhelmingly detailed construction full of lines and plains which are connected in tension, creating cubistic illusions which are set between dimensions.



hense (detail)

Detail: HENSE

With nearly two decades of experience, Alex Brewer aka HENSE has been creating artwork since a young age. Starting in the early ‘90s, Brewer discovered his love for creating art in the public space through graffiti. He quickly became consumed with the scene and gained notoriety for his work, a mix of formal education, immersion in street art culture and experience in professional studios which have lead Brewer to establish his abstract-inspired style. His colorful artworks are usually formed by combining techniques of street art and abstract painting and incorporate line, shape, and gesture to creative abstract compositions that are invigorated by the quick pace and commentary of street culture.



momo (detail)

Detail: MOMO

Born 1974 in San Francisco, MOMO has been traveling most of his life. He lived in New York for six years, joined a graffiti crew in 1999 while living in Spain and found his own unique color pallet while residing in the Caribbean. MOMO’s passion for outdoor art was sparked by being on the road for years. His focus lies on working outdoors, designing murals with systems and homemade tools. His interests lie with an evolving range of adapted masonry techniques to draft, design, and organize murals. He currently keeps a studio in New Orleans.




Detail: Moneyless

Born in Milan in 1980, Moneyless’ art is characterized by an investigation on the rawest elements of life and focuses on a process of continuous evolution. He owes his graphical mark to the street, where his artist soul was born and where his roots were grounded in the ’90s graffiti scene. In the beginning he laid his main focus on lettering trying to “undress the letters from the alphabetical presence”. As his style evolved he than, with the same intentions, also tried to dissect shapes and the geometrical construction which holds everything together from everyday life. Moneyless’ aesthetic seems to quote a platonic vision where geometry is represented as the structure, the foundation upon which all nature is built.



nelio (detail)

Detail: Nelio

Born in 1982 in France, Nelio is a self-taught artist who started doing graffiti at the end of the 90s. His interest for graphic design, illustration, photography, architecture, and his various travels and collaborations with other artists, gradually influenced his art practice. Between abstract and figurative, Nelio has developed a contrasted universe, paradoxically minimalist and complex. With spraypaint and sometimes found objects such as wood, he reappropriates public space through murals and installations. Made of cleanly cut symbols, geometric shapes, and sometimes letters, landscapes or facial features, his artwork offers a playful vision of the world. His embedded spaces had become a mysterious and timeless language, communicating with you like a hieroglyphic or a piece of music.



nural moser (detail)

Detail: Nural Moser

Having studied Fine Art at Central St. Martins College for Art and Design, Nural Moser’s work consists of installations, sculptural arrangements and painting. Her artworks are often based on the surrounding space and can be described as an aesthetic translation or abstract reconstruction of the environment they inhabit. If in her two- or three dimensional works, the characters of the particular surroundings are taken into consideration they will often reflect within the materials, colors and shapes of the works. Following the idea of “unisono” the materials used are often melting into the background and each other.



ahmed abdellatif and sveverin gruner (detail)

Detail: Collaboration Severin Gruner and Ahmed Abdellatif

Dortmund resident artist Severin Gruner was born in 1987 and grew up in Cologne where he entered the local graffiti scene at the very young age of 13. Even though his focus now lies more on fine art upon the urban space, his technique is still very much influenced by his roots in graffiti writing. His art, which varies from pure abstraction of shapes to a more figurative but surreal style is created intuitively but never unstructured after a long process of sketching which results in a tense composition that is accentuated by the colors which Severin Gruner mainly uses in a very pure and limited way.



stohead (detail)

Detail: Stohead

Berlin based artist Stohead, born in 1973 in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany, started tagging his first graffiti pieces in 1989. In 1999 he joined the artist group „getting-up“ which has created some of the biggest graffiti murals and influential exhibitions in the early stages of the new millennium. Since the beginning Stohead has always focused his work around the art of writing. As a calligrapher he plays with all kinds of different handwritten styles, distorts letters to an abstract shape or works with the principle of replication in writing the same word over and over again which creates an image as a whole that goes far beyond the obvious meaning of the written word.